2017 Summer Institute Schedule!

Colorado Institute: June 17 – 23, 2017 

Boston Institute: July 15 – 21, 2017 

Maine Institute: Program to be Determined

Through a combination of site visits and presentations, GTT gives students a dynamic and unique understanding of leadership, ethics, empathy and philanthropy that is tailored to the local philanthropic organizations and opportunities near each Institute.  Each day consists of 5-6 activities that foster individual and group leadership skills, a deeper understanding of service and a broader knowledge of the nature of the non-profit sector.

A Typical Day at Grab The Torch

  1. Day’s Objectives & Breakfast
  2. Servant Leadership Session
    • Characteristics of Servant Leaders
    • Mission Statements
    • GTT Greater Good Puzzle
    • Reflection: servant leaders in your life
  3. Presentation & Lunch with Co-Founder of Conscious Capitalism© at Babson College
  4. Design Thinking: Workshop on Empathy
    • Study: empathy vs. sympathy
    • Partner Interview: developing listening and empathic problem solving skills
    • Group Presentation: 3D design solutions
  5. Paul Newman: Business Model for Good
    • Newman’s Own
    • Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
    • Mr. Newman’s Ethical Position
    • Newman’s Foundation
    • Sustainability
  6. BBQ with Founders of Stifler Family Foundation
  7. Movie: The Ultimate Gift
  8. Writing Reflection

Colorado Institute: Learn from Business, Nonprofit and Education Leaders

  • Denver University Daniels School of Business and Pioneer Leadership Program
  • Google
  • Denver Foundation
  • Colorado Academy
  • Comeback Yoga
  • Highland Tavern
  • Denver Kids, Inc.
  • Young Philanthropist Foundation
  • First Western Trust
  • Whole Foods
  • Colorado Heritage Trust
  • Michael Menefee Photography

Boston Institute: Visit Boston’s Top Universities and Meet its Philanthropic Leaders

  • Harvard
    • Business School
    • Graduate School of Education
    • Kennedy School of Government
  • Suffolk
  • Babson
  • Brandeis
  • John Hancock (Boston Marathon)
  • Health Management Resources (HMR)
  • WGBH (PBS)

Maine Institute: Discover the Deep Tradition of Giving in Maine

  • —Stifler Family Foundation
  • —Pineland Farms
  • —Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
  • — (Independent Schools Association of Northern New England)
  • —Tree Street Youth
  • —Bumpus Mine
  • —Katie Pulsifer Coaching, LLC