“We have seen the exceptional growth opportunity that Diamante has been privileged to, ever since you extended her your very first invitation to your camp.   It goes without saying that we will always keep “Grab the Torch” close to our heart, with never-ending gratitude.”

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“As a parent, it is wonderful and humbling to be able to watch your kid’s share their inner desires and also to learn from those around them who have proven to be very successful. GTT is an opportunity of a lifetime that results in a life changing experience. I am pleased that both of my kids have been able to participate in this adventure and I am inspired by the lives that they have already touched through their work at GTT.”

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“A handful of weeks before the Connecticut program, Carly received an invitation to join. At the time, GTT was not a camp or opportunity that we were aware of, however, as a parent; I trusted the Ethel Walker and sent Carly with her backpack and mind wide open. At the end of an action packed, energy filled, connected thinking week, I picked up a young leader further aware of the opportunities to service the needs of others.”

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“While I have always felt Kiira and Bryce were kind and compassionate, I had no idea that the two teens I dropped off on Sunday afternoon would experience such a dramatic transformation by week’s end. The drive home was filled with smiles, laughter, and endless stories about the many speakers, their new found friends, and the creation of a new community of young people who believe they possess the drive to make big differences in the world. And by the way, the word “fun” came up repeatedly.”

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