I remember how excited I was…

I remember how excited I was when I received the email that I had been accepted to Grab
the Torch’s Colorado Institute. I could not wait to call my family and tell them the great news! I would son be hopping on a plane from Hartford to Denver, a city I had never seen

During my time at the camp, I made many lasting friendships and met some very inspirational speakers and entrepreneurs. This program taught me the true purpose behind non-profit organizations and what it means to give back to your community. I learned that philanthropy does not have to have to be money; it could be time. Everyone has time.Oliva Sica, Fountain Valley School Mountain Campus, Grab The Torch 2015 Alum

It is very clear to everyone who attended the camp how much Mr. Aldrich truly cares. He has a passion for what he does and his program is impacting the lives of many young teens across the country who are ready to make a difference. Whether it was cooking eggs at breakfast, driving everyone where they needed to be, or even getting himself involved in a friendly game of wiffleball, Mr. Aldrich was involved with the students and we all have learned many important lessons from him.GTT Denver Students 2015, Final Night before Torch Ceremony

My favorite part was listening to Mr. Cornelius Milmo speak. His son attended Hole in the Wall Camp and his lecture had the most impact for me. I would like to thank Ethel Walker for introducing me to this great experience and I would like to let Mr. Aldrich know how grateful I am for him and his program. I am so excited to be returning for a second summer as an intern-in-training for both the Boston and Colorado Institutes. I look forward to working with Mr. Aldrich, Elly, and my fellow interns again to make more wonderful memories!

Olivia Sica
GTT Colorado Alumna, 2015