Introducing the GTT Teacher Training Program

This year, GTT’s week in Colorado will be about more than just cultivating student leaders and philanthropists. David Streight, who was introduced as Grab The Torch’s first Senior Fellow earlier this year, is spearheading a new program tailored to educators. From June 26-28, Building Leaders for the Common Good in Schools will provide teachers from across the country with the essential components of GTT’s core curriculum, which can be applied to that of their own schools.

Participants will be welcomed on Day 1 to the University of Denver by GTT founder Dave Aldrich. From there, Mr. Streight will lead the opening session by posing the question, “What can educators do to foster the kinds of relationships that lead to a caring school climate?” The rest of the program will be dedicated to exploring five different answers to this query.

On Day 2, presentations will commence on the subjects of purpose and ethics. The group will also revisit the idea of “relatedness” introduced by Mr. Streight the day before. In the evening, all participants will be invited to attend a dinner reception in downtown Denver.

Day 3 will be centered on service learning and character development, among other, related topics. Keynote speakers will lead discussion before lunch is served and the final presentation is given. The program will conclude with a closing exercise.

We are so excited for this new component of Grab The Torch to launch and eager to meet all of the educators who will be attending in about a week!