What to Expect From Colorado ’16

It’s finally that time of year, everyone. We’re just a little over a week away from our first Summer Institute of 2016 in Denver, Colorado! Various GTT players have spent months planning and preparing for these upcoming eight days, but our team knows all the hard work will be worth it, as it is every summer.

Colorado is not only at the start of the GTT summer timeline, but it is always a unique experience. While we offer three Summer Institutes all based on the same curriculum, each has its own components that differ from those of the other institutes. And that go beyond just location or co-ed vs girls-only. To give you a better idea of what we mean, here’s a breakdown of what’s in store for Colorado this summer!

Day 1 is all about getting in touch with one’s surroundings. The campers will arrive at University of Denver. They then will get the chance to explore what will be their home for the week. A couple of presentations will also lay down some groundwork for what their GTT experience will be all about.Susan/campers

Day 2 is education heavy (but still packed with
fun of course!) Students will learn about Grab The Torch’s founding before hearing about the non-profit world from keynote speakers. They’ll wrap up with their first lesson from GTT’s non-cognitive skills-based curriculum and end the day with America’s favorite pastime.

On Day 3, campers will continue their curriculum and keynote speaker series. They will also have their first workshop activity. That night will be spent on the town (a.k.a. Colorado’s beautiful capital city Denver), with a special dinner outing.

Day 4 entails another workshop and lesson. The day’s presentations, however, will take a bit of a thematic turn from philanthropy to ethical business practices. After exercising their minds, the students will have plenty of time for sports.

Learning continues on Day 5, but the usual workshops and presentations will have a special change of scenery. Let’s just say there will be an altitude difference…

Day 6 is a bit retreat-like. Students will discuss and reflect on ethics and personal values through the day’s lesson plan. An adventurous excursion might even test some of them in new ways. Afterwards, they’ll get to take a breather and eat plenty of popcorn hint hint.

On Day 7, the campers will finish up their curriculum and have their final workshop. The evening will be dedicated to a GTT tradition and alumni favorite.

The morning of Day 8 is the closing ceremony. The group will then head back to the University of Denver, where the students will say their goodbye’s before sadly parting ways.

And that’s Colorado ’16 in a nutshell! We hope this sneak peek at the schedule has our soon-to-be attendees excited. For all those who aren’t coming to the institute this year and are just checking out our blog, we hope this post encourages you to apply next summer!

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