Dave Aldrich, Founder & CEO


Luana Nissan, Summer Institute Director

Luana Nissan serves as Summer Institute director and curriculum developer for Grab The Torch. She is also founder of Catalysts for Good that offers resources and consulting to support social good and public purpose work in schools. Luana spent over fifteen years consulting for educational institutions and youth organizations. She has served as a project director in K-12 independent schools, researcher at Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and manager in retail customer service and sales.

David Streight, Grab The Torch Senior Fellow

David Streight serves as senior fellow for Grab the Torch. He has taught and worked as a school psychologist in public and independent schools in Portland, Oregon. He was Executive Director of the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education, serving the organization from 2004-2015. He is a resident scholar of the Heart of Character professional development organization. David is an author and editor of books for educators and parents, including Structure and Guts of Character Education (2015), Breaking into the Heart of Character: Self-Determined Moral Action and Academic Motivation (2013), and Parenting for Character: Five Experts, Five Practices (2008).

Grab The Torch Interns

Grab The Torch Summer Institute alumnae are selected by current interns and GTT staff and invited to apply to became interns-in-training and then Interns. GTT interns facilitate workshops and lead discussions with participants during the Summer Institute.