What does Grab The Torch Online cost?

Each participating student will need a license to access GTT Online. The cost for one 12-month license is $48. This cost covers the expense of the Adobe Captivate system subscription on which GTT Online is housed; it is not an income source for Grab The Torch. Multiple users can use each license if they are consecutive (NOT simultaneous) – this means that one user finishes the curriculum before another user begins use with that particular license. Consecutive use offers schools and organizations an opportunity to lower the per-student cost. This would mean planning to have more than one student use each GTT Online license by rotating students each semester, trimester or event period (such as one group during a fall retreat and another during a spring retreat). So, if three students used each license (consecutively), the cost would be $16 per student.

What does a subscription to Grab The Torch Online include?

Each school, youth organization or community-based site that subscribes to Grab The Torch Online will receive:

  1. Access to Grab The Torch Online’s 11 topic-based learning modules (presented through the Adobe Captivate learning system)
  2. A Facilitator’s Guide (providing experiential individual and group activities for facilitators to use with students after they complete each Online module)
  3. GTT Facilitation Trainer & Coach (GTT staff who will provide initial training for facilitators and follow-up remote support as they implement GTT Online)
  4. Technical Support (GTT staff who will answer technical questions about Adobe Captivate modules and assist with any technical problems)

Grab The Torch is a 501 (c)(3) organization committed to public-private partnerships.