What is Grab The Torch Online?

Grab The Torch Online is a ready-to-go learning resource in leadership, philanthropy, community engagement, and social-emotional growth for students. It is designed to enhance a high school or youth organization’s leadership, service, and social-emotional programming with online learning modules and on-site activities. GTT Online is focused on vital core concepts and skill-building activities that can be customized to meet learning and developmental goals. It can be incorporated into service and service learning programs, leadership councils, student retreats, student orientation programs, advisory programs, and classes. This a-la-carte curriculum is written for high school students (and advanced, older middle school students).

The Topics of Grab The Torch Online

Each of the 11 GTT Online modules introduces a topic and then works to build students’ basic understanding with information, examples, and opportunities for students to relate the topic to their own life and reflect on it. Many modules present scenarios with real world contexts that allow students to see the consequences of choices they make.

The 11 GTT Online modules are:
  • Leadership
  • Introduction to Philanthropy
  • Choosing a Cause
  • The World We Want
  • Purpose
  • Creating a Vision for Good
  • Understanding Yourself
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Executive Functioning
  • Systems Thinking
  • Fueling Values with Aspirations and Action

How to Use Grab The Torch Online

Each module can stand alone if a teacher, advisor or facilitator wants to integrate a particular topic into a class or student program. Although, combining specific modules or having students take them in a particular order could benefit students’ deeper learning about the topics and help them utilize prior knowledge and self-reflection to make deeper connections to how they feel and actions they choose.

For instance, if students complete the sequence of the Introduction to Philanthropy, Purpose, Creating a Vision for Good, and Choosing a Cause modules, along with activities from the Facilitator’s Guide, they are more likely to have: (1) a clear understanding of the variety of ways in which they could use their time, talents and treasure to affect change in the world; (2) a sense of purpose; (3) a personal mission drafted to guide their decisions; and, (4) an identified change they want to affect in their community.

A Facilitator’s Guide to Help You Use GTT Online

A companion Facilitator’s Guide provides an array of individual and group experiential activities that can be incorporated by the teacher, advisor, or other facilitator after students complete a GTT Online module. The activities will bring the concepts of the curriculum alive as council, group or class members reflect, design, create, discuss and work to understand and incorporate what they learned from the module. A facilitator’s incorporation of these related experiential activities add context, real-world application and community connections to the online learning experience. Together, these tools are intended to build a foundation for students to make the most out of their choices in leadership, philanthropy, community engagement, and social and emotional growth.