What is a Grab The Torch Summer Institute?

Grab The Torch interns (alumnae of the program) share what it feels like to experience the Summer Institute and how they see other girls experience it.

Grab The Torch’s weeklong Summer Institutes bring together girls from charter, public and independent schools to explore new ideas, learn about themselves, hear about the work of inspiring community leaders, meet other girls from diverse backgrounds, and discover their voices. Leadership, ethics, purpose and philanthropy are the Institutes’ themes. Our goal is for all girls to leave with increased self-awareness, purpose, essential skills and understanding about their world.

Each Institute balances adventure experiences with site visits across the community and classroom learning experiences with faculty experts, nonprofit leaders, educators and entrepreneurs. Through group work and individual reflection, girls explore their values, what they care about it their world, leadership, and goal setting. Through rigorous physical experiences, girls learn to stretch a little outside their comfort zone.

Cost of Institutes

The tuition for the New York GTT Summer Institute is $1,950 per student and the Colorado Institute is $2,250 per student. Scholarships are available. Families and campers are responsible for their travel expenses.

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