Boston Marathon

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Grab The Torch is thrilled to be part of the oldest and most prestigious marathon in the United States. Thanks to the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program, GTT has been awarded the privilege to participate in the 2016 Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, April 17, 2017. 

Meet the GTT 2017 Boston marathon team and please consider donating to the team in their mission to Keep The Torch Burning Bright. Go Team GTT!


Bill Rogers, 4-time Boston Marathon Winner
Paula Broadwell, GTT Boston Marathon Team Member
Linda Jenkins, GTT Boston Marathon Team Member
Grace Eberle, 2017 Boston Marathon Team Member

Dave’s Journey, 12/15/15
I’ve been running a marathon for the greater good since 2008, so I felt that I owed it to you, our students, parents, speakers, funders and everyone involved with our mission  to display my next level of commitment to enhance our long term financial sustainability. I quietly trained for a month to see if my non-runner and ancient frame would accept this new protocol before I accepted this personal challenge. It took a great deal of thought and consultation. I’m in the second phase of training and just finished my 9th very structured week. I just completed my first longish  run of 12 miles.  I’m following a Galloway Run/Walk approach, engaged a trainer and began a weight and nutrition program. Thanks to a generous offer from our donor Dr. Larry Stifler, 5 weeks ago I started the HMR weight loss and nutrition program. Larry and his HMR’s professionals from across the country are supporting me. Larry and his wife Mary McFadden have also run a combination of 20 marathons. It’s great having their backing and moral support. I’m already down 23 lbs. since I started training. This is a massive undertaking for someone my age who (with the exception of running from the service line to the net during tennis) has never run or ever considered running a marathon. I’m using the same strategy for my run as I did with GTT. I’m not running to break any record times. I’m running to finish regardless how hard, exhausting or painful it might be. It’s very much like what I went through getting to our current level of success. Grit, tenacity and a dogged level of perseverance. I’m also running honoring Candy Isdale who left behind a great legacy and supported me from the very beginning. I miss her dearly. Please support my marathon run so I can continue to change the lives of our students, especially the ones with less opportunities to attend programs like GTT.
 I need your support now more than ever.

2015 was the first time GTT had the honor of being represented in the Boston Marathon.  The 2015 GTT Marathon Team from throughout the United States laced up their running shoes on a rainy Patriots Day.  

In the days leading up to the marathon Maggie Schwarz, Sharon McGrann, John Foster, Caitlin Cunningham, and Leticia Robeldo toured Boston and had the opportunity to spend time with four time Boston marathon winner and legend Bill Rodgers. It was an amazing experience for the runners and Grab The Torch.


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