“Every day I try to think of something I can do to improve myself – through reading more, taking up a new hobby, giving back to the world community, I am constantly expanding and my hope is that every young woman will adopt that philosophy. The Grab the Torch camp is an excellent way to kick start that habit – enjoy it!”

Dana Perino
Former White House Press Secretary
Founder, Minute Mentoring for Women


“The students at the Grab the Torch camp were so engaged and inspiring. When I presented them with a real world philanthropy challenge and opportunity that the Aquidneck Land Trust is facing, raising $2 million in 9 months to conserve the important Wicks Nursery on Aquidneck Island, they were overflowing with smart and exciting ideas to help us succeed.”

Edward Sortwell Clement, Jr., Esq.
Executive Director
Aquidneck Land Trust


“The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp considers it a privilege to participate in Grab the Torch’s Philanthropy Camp. Dave Aldrich is developing a new generation of caring, young leaders. What many of us in the non-profit world have stumbled upon – the meaning and satisfaction of dedicating one’s life to the service of others – Dave is presenting as more than a viable option for those who attend philanthropy camp. Dave’s visionary program takes a proactive approach to change our world for the better.”

James Canton
Chief Executive Officer
The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp


“I was incredibly inspired after spending time with the Grab the Torch campers last week. I have the honor of working with amazing young people every day, but what Dave Aldrich has done, bringing all the components of philanthropy together for a week, was truly magical to witness. He has pulled together the next generation, the current leaders, the new vision of strategic partnerships for the greater global good and everything in between. Dave Aldrich is truly redefining the meaning of philanthropy for the next generation and it is surely helping to build the next generation of leaders for City Year. I hope that many of those students will become future City Year corps members. The lessons they learn through Grab the Torch undoubtedly have a meaningful impact on their lives and the way they view their role in society and their duty to give something back. City Year is honored to be a part of camp.”

Jennie Johnson
Executive Director
City Year Rhode Island


“The purpose of Philanthropy Camp is twofold: to expose young people to the enormous diversity of the nonprofit sector and to begin their education about the management of philanthropic and charitable organizations. A key component of the Camp is to inspire them to get involved in philanthropic work, and to make sure they do so with knowledge and enthusiasm. Much of the future health of our society will depend to a large extent on the next generation of nonprofit leaders, and Philanthropy Camp is beginning the process of developing capable and committed volunteers and professionals to lead these organizations. Dave Aldrich should be congratulated for having the vision and the energy needed to lead this effort.

John Griswold
Executive Director
The Commonfund Institute


“I have found Philanthropy Camp to be an outstanding venue to give adolescents a bird eye view of the basics of the nonprofit sector as well as the heart and soul concerns of many of its leaders. The passion, creativity and vision of Dave Aldrich makes the fledgling Grab the Torch organization a strong candidate, given adequate seed money, to quickly become a high performing role model NP.”

Ken Berger
President & Chief Executive Officer
Charity Navigator
America’s Largest Charity Evaluator


“It is vital that America’s youth learn the responsibility, skills and joy of giving back to their society and putting their idealism, energy and caring values to use for the common good. Grab The Torch does just that — it inspires and teaches young people how to think and act as active and thoughtful philanthropists. It shows that it is never too early to start developing the future philanthropic leaders of America.”

Michael Brown
CEO and Co-Founder
City Year


“Philanthropy Camp is an initiation rite. It helps young people move from participating in the philanthropy that is already in their purview to becoming more mature authors of philanthropy in the their own right and with deeper liberty and wisdom.”

Paul G. Schervish
Center on Wealth and Philanthropy
Professor, Department of Sociology